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OpenPHR is the data store that My medical record uses. It’s an open platform that enables the storage and exchange of clinical and personal health data.

Patients own their own OpenPHR record and can view, contribute to and share it with care teams and approved apps. It puts them more in control.

OpenPHR is also untethered, it’s independent of an electronic health record (EHR), but hospital systems are able to connect to it via a FHIR interface or a multi-platform SDK with data stored securely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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An open platform

OpenPHR sits independently of other health IT systems but the open platform approach enables integration with both hospital systems, health and fitness apps and medical devices.

Our FHIR APIs can be used to interact with the data store. There is also an SDK that enables integration across multiple platforms (.NET, Java, Android, IOS and Windows).

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Find out more about OpenPHR

If you'd like to find out more about OpenPHR:

Many applications, one patient-owned record