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My medical record national conference and user group 2018

On Friday, 5 October we hosted our inaugural national conference and user group. The day, which included a mix of presentations and demonstrations, was split into two work streams – one with a strategic focus and the other aimed at clinical users.

Adrian Byrne, CIO, UHSFT, opened the day and talked about our new OpenPHR platform and how we’ve migrated our patient online service to Microsoft Azure to support future scaling. The day was closed by Dr Simon Eccles, CCIO, NHS England, who discussed his ambition for a digital NHS and where we should all be heading – complete digital support for patients and staff.

The presentations from the event and the information included in the welcome packs can be downloaded below.

If you’d like further information about My medical record or OpenPHR, or you’d like to register your interest in future events, please contact us via

Welcome - Adrian Byrne, CIO, UHSFT
Ade Byrne welcomed all delegates to the inaugural MyMR national event and opened by talking about our new OpenPHR platform and how we’ve migrated our patient online service to Microsoft Azure to support future scaling.

PDF of Ade's welcome presentation

Radical prostatectomy PROMS - Prof Caroline Moore, Professor of urology, UCL
Caroline Moore gave an insight to the incredible PROMS project being run out of UCL on our platform (across many hospitals) as part of the TrueNTH programme. She is looking to use patient reported outcome data to help patients track post-surgery progress (reduction in adverse symptoms), decision support (seeing how other patients get on post-surgery) and improvements in clinical practice by aligning the PROM data to the surgical data.

PDF of Caroline Moore's Radical postatectomy PROMs presentation

Instant messaging demonstration – Niall Rafferty, CEO, MedxnoteI
Niall Rafferty gave an amazing presentation demo showing how Medxnote instant messaging (often thought of as “WhatsApp for clinicians”) can do so much more. Their software ‘bots’ can serve up results and documents on request and can even notify clinicians of adverse events. Clever stuff.

PDF of Niall Rafferty's presentation - Instant messaging


Wearables demonstration - My medical record team, Kevin Hamer

Kev Hamer and the My Med Rec team talked briefly about the next OpenPHR upgrade that will include out of the box integration for FitBit, Omron, Nokia and other wearables and devices. The team then demo’d a simple Bluetooth heart rate monitor where a developer had taken 4 days to author a simple app and used the OpenPHR FHIR interface to push the data in to OpenPHR. A simple example of where we are heading with the platform. Many applications, own patient owned record.


Anthony Phillips from WellKom Health also talked about their suite of wellbeing apps and how these can be connected to OpenPHR.

Implementing stratified cancer follow-up at scale using a PHR - Hazel Brodie, University of Southampton

Hazel Brodie talked about the history of TrueNTH and the supported self-management project. She spoke of both the challenges and benefits of the continued spread of this work including a look at the extensive evaluation of both our IT solution and the care pathway. She also showed an amazing film which is now up on our site


PDF of Hazel Brodie's presentation - Implementing stratified cancer follow-up at scale using PHR


GDPR and privacy - David O’Connor, OSRI

David “Des” O’Connor had the challenge of keeping the audience alive until lunch whilst covering the topic of GDPR and the impact this has had on personal health records. Believe it or not, this seemed to be many people’s favourite talk as Des gave great insight on the topic and the work we’ve done in making MyMR compliant with the new legislation whilst also managing to “keep it light” J

PDF of David O'Connor's presentation - GDPR and privacy


GDE and PHRs - Jo Watts, GDE programme manager, UHSFT

Jo Watts talked about our GDE programme and specifically how crucial a part our PHR work plays in this. She then looked in detail at our GDE milestones that relate directly to MyMR & OpenPHR

PDF of Jo Watt's presentation - GDE and PHRs


The national picture - Andy Payne, PHR subject matter expert, NHS Digital

Andy Payne, NHS Digital’s subject matter expert on PHRs, spoke on the national picture, ‘empower the person’ and citizen identity and the tools being opened up to patients and clinicians at a national level. MyMR will look to align with the citizen ID programme.

PDF of Andy Payne's presentation - The national picture


Cheshire and Merseyside’s story - Jennifer Burns, recovery package lead, Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance

Jen Burns talked through the story of how My medical record evolved within the Cheshire and Merseyside cancer alliance, what the benefits have been and what’s in the pipeline.

PDF of Jennifer Burns' presentation - Cheshire & Merseyside cancer alliance's story


Matt Beedle, My medical record product manager, USHFT

Matt talked about what's happened over the last 6 to 12 months with My medical record and the team, what’s coming up, our new product development roadmap and the timeline for future features.

PDF of Matt Beedle's presentation - What's new in My medical record'?


Fraser Marshall, project officer, UHSFT

Fraser Marshall talked to the clinical users about what support is available to them and patients as well as what support arrangements the My medical record team at UHS have in place for their patients.

PDF of Fraser Marshall's presentation - What support is available?


The smartphone app – Sarah Hartfree, paediatric rheumatology nurse specialist, UHSFT

Sarah gave a great talk about the challenges of working with her younger patient cohort and how digital helps. Many of Sarah's patients are traveling worldwide or are away at university - her new app makes data, information and services available at any time from any place online.

PDF of Sarah Hartfree's presentation - The smartphone app
A patient view - Roger Burns
Roger talked about his experience of being a patient in Southampton and the benefits of using My medical record.

PDF of Roger Burns experience using My medical record

Event agenda
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Patient information leaflet
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Clinical tracker information leaflet
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