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My medical record

My medical record is your personal health record (PHR) provided by University Hospital Southampton. It’s a secure, patient-owned record that can:

  • Support you to co-manage your healthcare
  • Connect you with your care team
  • Provide you with information from the hospital
  • Reduce the need for hospital visits

My medical record stores and displays the personal and medical information held in your OpenPHR record, some of which will be loaded from hospital systems. Information can be viewed and shared securely from any web enabled device, such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

It allows you to add your own information about your health, including details which may be being monitored as part of your current treatment, such as your weight or blood pressure. In some cases this may reduce the need for you to attend outpatient appointments. You can also keep a record of anything that you think might be relevant to your overall healthcare, such as medications or emergency contacts.

While any University Hospital Southampton patient can use the service to perform actions such as receive documents, results and manage their appointments, My medical record also has a range of condition specific tools.

How do I sign up?

My medical record is free and available to any patient who is having or has had treatment or used services at one of our hospitals. You need to register in order to use the service. There are two types of registration:

On invitation

You may be invited to use My medical record by your clinical team. You will be able to see information relevant to your treatment and care and send messages to the team treating you. You will also get access to information that is relevant to your condition. As part of your care you may be expected to provide electronic information about yourself and to keep it up to date.

On demand registration

To register for a standard My medical record account please complete our application form.

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